The only realistic representation of how women wake up



"A Sticky Situation" (1960) by Carl Barks

I like how advertising is literally still exactly as sexist as they’re joking about in this comic from 54 years ago.


Don’t Say “That’s So Gay” Campaign (Wanda Sykes) [ x ]

How about a round of applause.

How is it that people say JJ Abrams is the worst when he is the first director to allow a female character to have a significant place in the triumvirate. To support Uhura being female lead and getting a healthy consensual romance. The first director to expand upon her skills, actually give her a first name, AND have her speak an alien language. No he isn't perfect, but none of the past writers/directors/films did a damn thing to expand her character, yet fans glorify those movies. SMDH!






I suspect they hate him precisely for this reason, nonny.


maybe JJ Abrams did do something right with his characterization of Uhura by placing her in the triumvirate, but that’s not why we say he’s the worst.

JJ Abrams is the worst because he took one of our culture’s most optimistic and idealistic stories about the nature of existence and turned it into your average dark and gritty summer blockbuster.  He destroyed Vulcan because he could.  For dramatic effect.

He created this entire alternate timeline so anything could happen, and then remade Wrath of Khan.  Whitewashed a role that Gene Roddenberry had to fight the network in order to give to an actor of color.  Gave a female character Carol Marcus’ name, and only her name, as a “nod” to the original canon with no explanation as to why she’s suddenly a weapons technician and not a biologist.

He took away the uniforms’ representation of female character’s rank.  He betrayed a female character’s privacy by showing her near-naked from the perspective of a male character, who was told not to look.

The same male character that is portrayed as a womanizing, boob-grabbing asshole, who drove Christine Chapel to seek reassignment.  That is not Gene Roddenberry’s James T. Kirk.

JJ Abrams took Star Trek and watered it down, made it a novelty.  Gave us a couple of throw-away references to Admiral Archer or to a tribble and expected that to make up for the slap in the face he gave to Roddenberry.

Uhura did have a bigger role in the reboot, but that’s not why we hate what JJ did.

#and she [Uhura] was given a consenting relationship with Scotty.


I’m sorry, but mind control isn’t consent.  I know you all like to ignore that teeny bit of info, but that’s what happened in the movie.  

 In 2287, Uhura began to show some romantic interest in Montgomery “Scotty” Scott while being under the influence of Sybok. Scotty, nevertheless, politely declined the advance, mindful of her “condition” and realizing that she was in fact a “convert”. (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

There was obviously something between them at the beginning of the movie, as well. They were planning on taking shore leave together and Uhura’s hands were all over Scotty’s face.


That was before Sybok got involved.

first of all the uhura/scotty relationship had YEARS of buildup. in the end of the voyage home, as the crew sees the rebuilt enterprise for the first time, uhura is touching scotty’s shoulder in a very, very intimate moment. likewise, in the novelization of the final frontier, uhura and scotty are not only planning on attending shore leave together, they’ve actually made plans to visit scotty’s home together like. what happens with sybok is a sign of how much scotty respects (and even loves) uhura—that he’d NOT take advantage of her or do ANYTHING with her without her consent. it’s a seriously healthy relationship and one i appreciate because it shows romance can be found at ANY stage in your life. it’s really lovely, actually!



Sabrina the Teenage Witch is an expert at counter-spells. 


I am legit crying right now




I don’t understand because wasn’t Olaf’s actions of lighting the fire, almost melting and then trying to save her and act of true love and shouldnt that have unfrozen her heart?

oh shit



The ALA released their annual list of the most challenged books of the year, including Toni Morrison’s THE BLUEST EYE and E L James’s FIFTY SHADES OF GREY…

1. Captain Underpants (series), by Dav Pilkey
2. The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison
3. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie
4. Fifty Shades of Grey, by E L James
5. The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins
6. A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl, by Tanya Lee Stone
7. Looking for Alaska, by John Green
8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky
9. Bless Me Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya
10. Bone (series), by Jeff Smith



Professional sculptor Stefanie Rocknak beat out 265 other artists from 42 states and 13 countries to create a sculpture honoring author and poet Edgar Allan Poe that will be displayed in Boston, Poe’s birthplace. A five-member artist selection committee decided on Rocknak’s stunning work that shows Poe with a suitcase in hand and a raven in front of him.

No wonder she won, holy butts, look at that majestic creature.


  • he loves that we scream when the molly kiss came on screen
  • we all applauded him when he asked for a bottle of water and proceeded imitated us in a high pitched voice “oh my god he’s a normal person”
  • we were allowed to yell out characters he should play next, and loved the idea of being the next Cinderella or fairy godmother
  • he told a guy that he is such a unique individual little snowflake
  • he did the Alann Rickmen impression and told us Tom Hiddleson could go fuck himself for copying him
  • he likes that we (meaning everyone in the Benedict fan-base) can understand when he is making a joke and when he’s serious, unlike the media.
  • he admitted that he didn’t appreciate being told that people thought he was shorter in person
  • he then admitted that by saying that and making those people feel bad that he knows he is an arsehole.
  • he says fuck a lot and it is incredibly sexy and he knows it because we all went wild every time he swore.
  • he knows that we love the socks

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Sometimes I forget how old Buffy is and then I see a laptop.





good christ steve your face

#their entire relationship in a single frame

Get your fucking hand off my shoulder before I star Spangle beat the shit outta you




good christ steve your face

#their entire relationship in a single frame

Get your fucking hand off my shoulder before I star Spangle beat the shit outta you

Actors Tyler Hoechlin and Tyler Posey arrive at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on April 13, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.